Jewish Ceremonies

"It was a perfect, beautiful ceremony. Thank you so much. Please stay in touch!"


"Hey. That was fantastic! Everyone loved it... especially my parents. THANK YOU!"


"Thank you so much again for being our troubadour this week-end! You were able to convey, through your music, the relaxed and yet thoughtful conviviality we feel toward our friends and family. With deep appreciation."


"Thank You! We really appreciated that you took good care of us--- leading us with calm and grace. And so so deeply appreciated your learning our song for the ceremony. I hope our paths cross again."


"Dave and I couldn't be more grateful for the amazing job you did at our wedding this past weekend. All elements of the event surpassed expectations and we couldn't have hoped for a better day. I'm sure you'll see many photos of us grinning from ear to ear. We heard from many of our guests that it was the best wedding/party they have ever been to and in a large part this was down to you. Thank you very much for everything. We will be back in Jackson for many years to come and will remember this experience for the rest of our lives. We wish you the best in the upcoming wedding season and hope our paths cross in the future. Many thanks,"

Adele and David

"We have a fine warm feeling and are still processing the event. You were pivotal in making it what it was. So much thanks."


"Judd you are wonderful to listen to! I can't imagine a holiday without you, Thank you!"


"I want to especially thank Judd! The music was so beautiful and moving. The service seemed flawless and, for lack of a better word, professional."


"Thank you Judd! You were incredible."


"Thank you for the wonderful work you do for our community and its families."


"Thank you again for a beautiful wedding ceremony and warm, lovely ketuba signing ceremony. We made the right choice having our nuptials in the Tetons which we truly love. When we are next out there, let's get together to celebrate whatever anniversary we're on."


"Judd, you made the day so special. We loved your spirit and voice!! Thanks again for all - XOXO"


"Liz and I are both thrilled with how the entire weekend came off. David managed to pull it together, and seemed confident and at ease at the bimah. Thank you so much for all your help over the years, and the past few months in particular. You are the anchor of our Jewish community, and I can not thank you enough for your support and leadership. Thank you!"

Andy and Liz

"Thank you so much for driving across the Big Wonderful. I know having you here has greatly comforted my mom."


"As usual Judd was wonderful. Our services are the only services that I have been to where I want to applaud after each prayer - As you know Judd is truly gifted."


"Thank you so much for helping make our Seder so special. You are appreciated."


"Could not have done it without you. Thank you for the great company and uplifting melodies."


"Thank you again for putting on such a lovely ceremony. Madeline and I are still beaming from our experience in Jackson."


"Thank you so much for the support of our little group in Pocatello. The Shabbat service was so special. You brought such a spiritual dimension. You are loved. Thank you."


"Please accept our many thanks for joining us for Alexander's circumcision. We so appreciate your willingness to accommodate our requests and all that you added to the experience. Thank you so much. You really made it a special occasion, and we greatly appreciate it. You were also a very calming energy force and I think Alex appreciated that, I know I did in my lightheaded state."

Andy & Carolyn

"We wanted to thank you for helping to make our wedding so special. Your professional attitude and quick email responses made it that much easier to plan our wedding from afar. It was neat that you got to reunite with Rabbi Dan. Us and all of our guests loved the music and the entertainmnet. It felt really intimate just as we wanted, but the music made all the difference. You're the greatest. I've only heard compliments from everyone!! Thank you again for everything!"


"This rainy weekend reminds we of how lucky we were to have such a beautiful day for Adelle's and Jed's wedding. But what made we us truly fortunate was the presence of family and friends who were happy to be in Jackson sharing this day with Adelle and Jed. After the wedding ceremony so many members of Jed's family came up to me and thanked us for having such a lovely ceremony but the thanks belong to you, Adelle and Jed. The ceremony was truly beautiful. The sound of your voice resonating over the valley was something I will always remember. This is the second time you have a part of a family celebration for us. The first was our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Thank you so much for opening up your heart to Adelle and Jed. I hope to see you again and hear you in the valley. Thank you for making this ceremony such a special event for Adelle and Jed."

Sally and Bing

"Thank You for a fantastic ceremony. Everyone really loved your singing and people seemed to like the ceremony (despite the truly chilly weather ;-) Your advice and all when we met ahead of time was lovely too. Thanks for handling the paperwork. The certified copy of the marriage certificate arrived here in NY, so that's all set. Now we just need a frame for the ketubah :-) Thanks again so much. The officiant is such a huge part of the ceremony and we are so glad we were lucky enough to be married by you!! :-)"


"Thank you so very much for the perfect ceremony. You are very kind, patient, and your lovely personality was a perfect match for Roxanne and John. Your ability to blend our Jewish faith with all the elements of the ceremony was perfect."


"You were fantastic and everything was so perfect today beyond perfect in every way. thankyou from the bottom of my heart. it was truly the best Bar Mitzvah"


"Judd - thank you for keeping us on target, working with Rivkah and doing a great job with both the training as well as the ceremony."


"Thank you! The ceremony was loving and addressed my personal needs for these two children of mine to be married in the context of our jewish experience and history. I was not consulted on the service and kept my mouth shut, but was so glad it was the way it was."


"Thank you Judd, Alex and I really enjoyed everything!"

Alex and Kelsi

"Thank you for all your advice and time in helping plan the ceremony and for coordinating so seemlessly with your co-officiant. All attending had rave reviews. My parents thought you and your co-officiant did a wonderful job of meshing the two religions. I hope to visit Jackson again soon. The wedding was magical! Much thanks for a fantastic wedding ceremony. It was perfect."

Ellen and Stu

"You did a great job at my cousin's wedding on July 3rd. I really enjoyed it."


"Thanks Judd, really appreciate you performing the ceremony. You did an excellent job. Numerous people came up and complimented your performance!"


"Thank you for providing the lovely music."


"On behalf of my family and myself I want to thank you, and everyone else we met for the wonderful experience of sharing Yom Kippur with you. The services were beautiful and moving. We felt the warmth of your community and welcome amoung you. I look forward to sharing similar experiences with you all again in the future. I will check the calendar and website, and hope to see you again this winter. L'Hitraot."


"Thank you, Judd. We very much appreciate everything! It was great!"


"On behalf of my family and myself I want to thank you, and everyone else we met for the wonderful experience of sharing Yom Kippur with you. The services were beautiful and moving. We felt the warmth of your community and welcome amoung you. I look forward to sharing similar experiences with you all again in the future. I will check the calendar and website, and hope to see you again this winter. L'Hitraot."


"I thought the Rosh Hashanah & Yon Kipper services were great!"


"We loved having you lead us spiritually for the Bris. You made the day a beautiful one."


"Gamar Tov, What a wonderful Rosh Hashana service I attended while in Jackson Hole this year. My parents, summer residents of Jackson, have been telling me how wonderful and spiritual your services are. It really made my summer vacation in Jackson meaningful. Hope to make it an annual tradition."


"We are just reminiscing about our day with our family. It was amazing and you guys helped make it that way. It was a pleasure to have true musicians!! Thank you so much for everything from the katubah signing, ceremony, and dancing! We will send a testimonial for your site, but let us know if there is anything else we can help with!"

Ali and Greg

"Thank you for an incredible Bar Mitzvah for Josh!"


"What a beautiful service the day of Aaron's Bar Mitzvah. And we know that you spent many hours helping to be it that way! Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed your music & song and we know that Aaron's part in the service, fantastic as it was (of course we are prejudiced) was due in part to you - So many thanks and good luck."

Janet and Dick

"Thank you for all you have done for Aaron, we are a very lucky Jewish community to have you with your many talents and wisdom."


"Thank you so much for once again making our seder a success."


  "Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful seder!"


"Judd, as I looked around the room as you sang some of the traditional Passover songs I could see people transported back to seders when they were kids. You did a great job keeping the program moving through the evening and making sure we kept focused on satisfying the requirements of the seder."


 "As usual, it was wonderful having you with us on Pesach; you make everything so special. And of course we hope that we can book you again for next year!"


 "The way you conduct our services is truly inspirational and it helps transport me to a different place. Thanks!!!"


 "Thank you Judd for leading such a beautiful ceremony."


 "The wedding was beautiful. Thank you for officiating and leading Laura and I through the experience."


 "Judd! We're still basking in such good feelings from our wedding. Thank you for playing such a special part in it. We are enormously grateful. The service was deeply moving for me and Drew and my family. We will always remember your beautiful voice and wise words. What a joy. Many thanks again for helping to make 8.20 so memorable..."


 "Judd!! Thanks for everything! We arrived back in Pittsburgh and I seem to have brought a virus home with me. Oh well... nothing could ruin our wonderful Wyoming wedding! We are so happy that the timing worked out just right and you were able to get the ceremony done on time.  You did an amazing job! We are still getting comments from our guests about how great you were! Again, thank you so much for everything. I will never forget your positive take on the lighting cells in the area as "electricity in the air tonight". Love it!!  My favorite quote from our entire trip!!"


 "Thank you again for such beautiful ceremonies! We were so happy you could be part of our big day! And, again, Evan and I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in having you either officiate or play or write a blurb for your site and say nothing but good things!  Just let us know!"


"You and your music ALWAYS makes it very very special!!!!"


"Thanks again for the music!"


"As always thank you for the lovely music and great company."

Carl, Judith and Adam

"We really enjoyed having you as our Chazzan and as our band leader.  You were a "hit" with all our guests, and we received many compliments on your great voice and excellent music. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding so special. If you ever need a recommendation, you can always ask us. Best regards, and thanks again."

Jean & Edan

"Thanks for helping me to make the bris so spiritual."


        "Thanks again - we had so many friends who have never been to a 'jewish' wedding ceremony - they loved the ceremony we had & they loved your singing. Judd - you were awesome! We are so glad it worked out - u blew people away - they wont stop talking about it! U made our wedding... thank you a 1000 times!"


"Many people have commented to me about how wonderful you and your music was Friday night - which of course, I knew!  Wish you could be at Temple Emanuel more often."


"Thanks for the great leadership (again) this high holiday season. You sounded amazing."

9/12/07, 9/13/07, 9/21/07, 9/22/07

"You really did much better than any cantor or rabbi that I have ever seen."


"Judd... I have no words. People were blown away that our cantor could rock, and our rocker could cant. The music was perfect. PLEASE send future clients our way for our FOUR thumbs up. With love and gratitude. "

Toni & David


Durham/Center - music/officiant - Couloir - Teton Village, WY - June 17, 2017.

Linhardt/Greenberg - music/officiant - Couloir - Teton Village, WY - September 13, 2014.

(photos by Heather Erson)

Kirschbaum Bar Mitzvah - Wedding Tree - Kelly, WY - June 12, 2014.

(photos by Hannah Hardaway)

Mason/Jaske ceremony/cocktails/dinner/dancing - 4 piece - Spring Creek Ranch / Granary - Jackson, WY - August 31, 2013.

(photos by Heather Erson)

Smith Bar Mitzvah - National Museum of Wildlife Art - Jackson, WY - July 5, 2012.

(photos by Amy Raab)

Kaplan Wedding - Couloir - Teton Village, WY - July 30, 2011.

(photos by Katy Gray)

Sussman Bat Mitzvah - Temple Emanuel - Pocatello, ID - June 24, 2011.

Schapiro Bat Mitzvah - Spring Creek Ranch - Jackson, WY - August 30, 2008.

(photos by Morris Weintraub)

Domsky Bat Mitzvah - Center for the Arts - Jackson, WY - May 31, 2008.

(photos by Morris Weintraub)

Crouch/Goldstein Wedding at Snake River Canyon - officiant/cantor - June 28, 2008.

(photos by Tim Bradshaw)

Hartley/Huppert Wedding at Lost Creek Ranch - co-officiant/cantor - September 3, 2006.

(photos by Ross Hartley)

Budge/Statter Wedding Ceremony at the Taylor Ranch - officiant/cantor - Kelly, WY - August 26, 2006.

(photos by Carrie Patterson)

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